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Hi! I'm Suzy Dickstein.

I help people package up their superpowers and messy life experiences into a personal brand, so they can be free, happy, and impact 1,000s of lives.

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You're Meant for More

You’re already a believer – you want freedom to work where, when, and how you want to. That’s why you’re an entrepreneur!

But are you? Are you a business owner or did you really just build yourself a job?

I get the need to leave your job because you were capped in what you could do, how many people you could help, and how much you could make (why should your potential be limited to an annual raise?).

The problem is that you tried to build a business the same way you looked for a job – based on the skills you have and what you thought people would pay you for.

Makes sense at the time, but you might have realized that the walls you tried to take down (working too many hours, not helping enough people, and being capped financially) have come back up again with no one to blame but yourself. 

And more importantly, I’ll bet you’re running yourself ragged, while simultaneously wondering, “is this it?

Luckily, that’s not the only way to build a business – build the business of your dreams, one that is perfect for your personality, natural gifts, and the legacy you want to build, then you grow into it. 

Basically, we tailor-make a business to you – to your dreams, your values, your strengthsYou become the thought leader, the visionary CEO, etc… as you go. 

And more importantly, you stop trying to be a one wo/man show, and start helping a lot more people.

Because you are meant for more, and now we just need to set your business up to reach it.

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