Is Your Freebie Rave-Worthy?

Think about it. When was the last time that someone complimented you on your freebie (lead magnet) or others found you because of it?  Is it so fabulous that people tell other people they have to check it out, or is it worth its actual price – gournisht (nothing)! I get it, maybe you made […]

How to Improve your E-Mail Pitches

You make an impression even before someone clicks on your video to see your pitch or speaker demo. If you want to stand out, signing your e-mail with “Sent from iPhone” or some plain text with a corporate logo won’t impress anyone. Plus, not everyone you e-mail will remember meeting you, so including your photo is […]

How to Get Word of Mouth on Purpose

Most solopreneurs get the majority of their leads from referrals, yet ironically have no formal strategy to ensure it happens regularly.  In Jay Baer’s and Daniel Lemin’s new book, “Talk Triggers,” they give you the step-by-step on how to make word of mouth happen on purpose. It so happens that I’ve seen it myself. Watch the video […]

How to Take Advantage of Clubhouse

The audience for the Clubhouse app is growing by leaps and bounds. Have you thought about how to you can use this in your business yet? Here are some ideas to get you started because it’s only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger, e.g. Twitter is already testing out its own version called, […]

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