The Best Avatar To Imagine

When it comes to your voice – whether you’re writing your speech or the copy for your website, you don’t want to talk to your target market. Nope, that won’t work. Here’s why – nobody wants to be spoken to as if they’re a group. It’ll come out watered down, rather than them feeling like […]

Everybody Loves Before and Afters

When you tell a story, do you start at the beginning, then tell it in chronological order? Most people do. It’s conventional, and conventional is rather boring.  But you don’t have to be. You can change the story structure around to add some dramatic impact.  Watch the video to hear two more options that are […]

How to Look Someone in the Eye

It feels like the hardest part of speaking virtually is something we do so naturally in-person – look you in the eye.  People don’t trust people who don’t look them in the eye, and it’s hard to stay engaged when someone isn’t looking at you.  Watch the video to find out two ways to help keep […]

How to Remember What You Want to Say

Everybody worries about forgetting what they have to say. You, my dear, are not alone. When it comes to remembering what you’ll say, especially in a speech, most people reread their script over and over again, but the brain doesn’t work that way.  Here’s a better way to practise and have notes at the ready […]

How to Punch up your Presentation

We all know that comics word hard on their timing, specifically having a punch word at just the right place. You can do the same, although you need to alter the notion slightly, so you don’t come off like a comic trying hard to get a laugh.  While you can get some laughs with this placement […]

What’s More Important than Storytelling?

What do you think is the most important skill you can develop to become a more confident, riveting, and memorable speaker than you are now? Watch this video to find out what I think. It’s as simple as that. So why aren’t you telling more stories? What kind of stories? Personal stories. Professional stories. It […]

Are You an Overdeliverer?

Most speakers pack way too much info into their presentations. Are you one of them? I’d say that’s the number one reason why most speakers don’t feel they are engaging – they don’t have time to be.    And that’s a serious problem because lots and lots and lots of content is not the goal.    Watch […]

How to Stand More Confidently

You’re standing at the front of the room. You haven’t said anything yet, but the audience members are still judging you.  And there’s a lot riding on that judgment. Are you a leader? Do you know what you’re talking about?  Watch this video to find out how to stand correctly, so your posture shows you […]

Innovate like the Best at CES

Last week, we spoke about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and how it had gone 100% digital.  Why? Because the world is ever-changing, this year more than ever before.  Do you have an innovator’s mindset? You should. Or else you might be looking around and finding yourself lagging behind your competitors. Watch the video to […]

One of the Biggest Opportunities of 2021

171,268 people won’t be flocking the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week like they did last year because the event has gone 100% digital.  They’ve spent over a million dollars customizing a new platform with Microsoft to try to recreate the serendipity that happens live. That large of an investment means it’ll […]

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