What to Do Before You Jump into your Solution

One of the biggest mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make, whether in their speaking or website copy, is focusing too much on them and their solution. It’s all “me,” “I,” and “my solution.” Your audience doesn’t care. And here’s why that’s a problem – you’re not connecting! Before you get to the end of the […]

Is your Subscribe Button Working for You?

There is pretty much nothing more important than getting visitors to your website to opt-in to your newsletter so you can keep in touch.  I don’t know about you, but I think the text on that button is super important, as is the promise of what they’re get if they sign up. Yet, most people […]

What’s Holding Them Back from Buying?

As an entrepreneur who speaks, you want people to buy whatever it is you’re selling at the end of your presentation. But most of the time, people don’t buy. Why??? That’s what you want to know. Watch the video below to hear about the exercise that pinpoints what’s holding them back… And here’s what I […]

The Best Avatar To Imagine

When it comes to your voice – whether you’re writing your speech or the copy for your website, you don’t want to talk to your target market. Nope, that won’t work. Here’s why – nobody wants to be spoken to as if they’re a group. It’ll come out watered down, rather than them feeling like […]

It Pays to Educate Yourself

I have some pretty big news for you today, but before I announce it, you should get your weekly blog tip and frankly, it pertains… It’s easy to just copy other people that you see and think that you’ll get the same results while saving a few bucks. Um, no! What you see isn’t always […]

When the Show Must Go On

You really do need to be in a good frame of mind to present.  If it isn’t, we need to switch your focus from being on you to where it needs to be – on them. But if your gremlins are attacking you, saying all sorts of negative stuff, that’s rather hard to do. When […]

Two of the Best Words to Start a Story With

There are a few ways to delve into a story. Some are better than others. For example, you could ask permission, like saying, “If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to tell you a story…”, which comes off not so confidently. I’m all about you looking sexy confident on that stage, so I don’t suggest you […]

A Cool Way to be Seen as a Thought Leader

Selling yourself is hard to do, but luckily there’s a standard tool in the speaking industry that does the work for you – the speaker one sheet.  If you don’t have one, you’re going to need design one (or hire someone to design it for you) for event organizers and meeting planners. If this is […]

Two Ways to Look at the Price of Something

It can feel like you have expenses everywhere you turn.  Yet, some things are worth investing in to grow your business.  You need to be able to distinguish between what will take money out of your pocket versus fill it back up 10 or 100 fold.  Watch the video to find out one way I […]

Reframing Isn’t Just for Art

It can be hard to see past what’s happened to us in the past, but often they’re just stories we tell ourselves.  If you’re focused on yourself and what other people think of you as you present, you won’t be relaxed and charismatic as you speak.  Listeners want you to succeed because you have the […]

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[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]
[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]