An Easy Way to Design a Beautiful PDF

I never give out my slides to audiences. Have you ever opened up someone’s slides on your computer 6 months later?  I never have, so totally useless to share your intellectual property this way. Also, and more importantly, what is the point in a slide deck without the speaker??? Nothing! You are the presentation. Getting off […]

You’re Making it Hard for People to Listen

I get that you’re afraid you’re going to forget what you’re going to say. I also get that you’re happy to have your notes up on the screen. But the presentation isn’t about you or for you – it’s about them! They are not helped by seeing your speaker’s notes.  We, as humans, are not […]

How to Have the Mindset of a Graphic Designer

Most presenters think they can design slides well because companies like Apple and Microsoft have made it super easy to make slides, but easy doesn’t mean audience members get it or enjoy it. When have you ever enjoyed trying to read a slide while a speaker keeps talking? It’s just plain annoying. No slide needs […]

How to Keep People Engaged Online

Presenting online is not the same as presenting live. How do you keep people engaged?   It comes down to one thing (and I warn you, there might be a bit of dancing in this video)… P.S. If you want to get started doing virtual presentations, so you can spend less time trying to […]

When to Use PowerPoint Software When You Present

When To Use PowerPoint Software When You Present

We’ve all been guilty of using a slide deck, i.e. PowerPoint or Keynote, as presenter notes, BUUUUT, that’s not helpful to the audience. It’s boring and you know it!  I completely get if you want to do that. Just set up a laptop that you have propped up in front of you as a sort […]

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