How To Be Less Nervous When Presenting

Have you noticed all of the virtual summits popping up lately? Perhaps, you think to yourself, “I should do one” or maybe you’ve always wanted to speak at a live conference. 

Or maybe, you’re just tired of struggling with your business and you want to market less while making more gelt ($). Speaking on (virtual) stages allows you to speak to a lot of people in one hour and you don’t even have to fill the room yourself. 

You also move up the ranks to “expert” in your industry when you can put yourself out there like that. Do you think that the people on stages command higher prices? I know they do. Keynote speakers make major moolah! 

And what an opportunity it is! It’s amazing how having 25+ speakers all congregating in one place draws people in. And aren’t your best clients the ones who want to learn?

Buuuuuuut, what if you’re a nervous presenter? Pssst (with a lean in) – we’re all nervous presenters. You can’t really not be nervous at all (like that shtick about not being fearless), so here are three things you can do to be a little less nervous.

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