How to Have a Story Right When You Need it

The number #1 thing you need to understand to be remarkable (and I mean that literally – for people to remark on you) is that people need to remember you. 

People cannot remember what you tell them unless it’s anchored in their minds. Otherwise, it just vanishes. Poof! 

What I mean by “anchored” is that it is planted for years to come there somehow. This anchoring could be in the form of (1) a vivid story because we remember what we can see, (2) a great foundational phrase (golden nugget) because we remember well-told insights, or even (3) an exercise that makes the point because we remember doing it. 

Most of the time, stories are the easiest to do, but we don’t always have one handy right when we need it. That’s why you want to start a story file today.

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