How to Have a Stronger Voice When Presenting

A while back, I was futzing on my phone while waiting in line to pay for something at my local pharmacy. I heard this squeaky voice in front of me. I looked up, expecting to see a child, but it was a grown woman who was speaking with the cashier. Nuts!

Imagine she were presenting to a room full of prospects. Would you hire her? Even if her information or service sounded good, I think something would nag at you. I know that I would hesitate, and that’s where she’d lose the sale. 

We like people who sound and look confident. It helps us feel that we can trust you, from the “know, like, and trust” factor. 

Watch the video below to learn 3 tools you can use right away to have that more powerful voice you’ve always wanted…

How To Have A Stronger Voice When Presenting

P.S. If you you’re ready to deliver better stories and be a more impactful speaker, find out more below.

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