Is Your Freebie Rave-Worthy?

Think about it. When was the last time that someone complimented you on your freebie (lead magnet) or others found you because of it? 

Is it so fabulous that people tell other people they have to check it out, or is it worth its actual price – gournisht (nothing)!

I get it, maybe you made your freebie years ago, and you just wanted to get something up to have your website done or maybe you thought having an opt-in for a newsletter made sense. Maybe it did years ago, but not anymore. 

I want you to grow your business, and that means growing your list. Nothing will grow your list faster than a freebie worth raving about!

You’re competing with a lot of people putting out valuable content every day! Why should they sign up for something they can Google and find for free???

Not only that, you usually only get one crack at website visitors. Once they leave, if they didn’t give you their e-mail address, they’re lost forever. 

I absolutely believe that if it’s not valuable, rave-worthy, and has a video (you are trying to market your business using speaking, right?), then you should redo it. Nothing could be worth more of your time.

Watch the video to learn how to make a rave-worthy freebie, including an example you can see for yourself.  

Is Your Freebie Rave-Worthy?

Here’s how to watch it…

P.S. You have so many opportunities to grow your business by updating it to the current market needs. I can help you.

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