Is Your Presentation Scalable?

Although tons of people like to have acronyms for the content of their presentations, I do not. 

For one thing, acronyms are so corny! And makes me feel like you were too lazy to come up with good content or stories, which is why you needed to slap on some cheesy acronym, like “LIFE” or “MONEY” to make it seem memorable.

Sorry, but if I can’t remember your material without the acronym, I doubt that’ll help. I’ll remember the acronym, but not what it stands for. 

You’re better off with vivid stories and memorable foundational phrases, but I digress.

The second reason this doesn’t work for you as a professional is that unless you’re speaking alone and have full control over your time, the person before you might go over time or your material may not be applicable to this particular audience, then what do you do with the “E” or “EY”? 

If you want to scale your presentation, here’s how to do that…

P.S. Building a scalable presentation that is powerful and memorable isn’t easy, but I know how to walk you through it. If you want my help, just reach out.

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