It’s Okay to Talk in Circles

You might be worried about rambling (I heard two people in the last week state that they want to be “concise” speakers,) but this is about making your storytelling stand out. 

One of my favourite ways to tell a story is to break it up. Crazy, I know! 

Remember, it’s your story, and you get to choose how you want to tell it

You decide if you start at the beginning, an action scene in the middle, or the happy ending. You decide if you tell it entirely in one shot or if it benefits you to split it up into scenes. 

Watch the video to hear about breaking up a story and using a circular ending.

It's Okay to Talk in Circles

P.S. Rave-worthy speakers know how to tell fabulous stories. If you’re ready to stand out and be that good, I am here and ready to amp your storytelling right up. 

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