Reframing Isn’t Just for Art

It can be hard to see past what’s happened to us in the past, but often they’re just stories we tell ourselves. 

If you’re focused on yourself and what other people think of you as you present, you won’t be relaxed and charismatic as you speak. 

Listeners want you to succeed because you have the answers they need, but they need it from someone who exudes confidence in the solution, which means you need to exude confidence on that (virtual) stage

I hope this story demonstrates how you can suddenly see a 30 year-old story differently and that you can choose which story serves you best. 

(Sorry about the audio quality. Not sure what happened.)

Reframing Isn't Just for Art

P.S. If you’re ready to put yourself out there with a fabulous presentation and just need a little handle holding to get you to be your most fabulous self, reach out. I’d love to help you become rave-worthy.

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