The Best Avatar To Imagine

When it comes to your voice – whether you’re writing your speech or the copy for your website, you don’t want to talk to your target market. Nope, that won’t work.

Here’s why – nobody wants to be spoken to as if they’re a group. It’ll come out watered down, rather than them feeling like you get them and have known them for years.

Watch this video to see a much better way to write out what you want to say… 

And once you try this handy trick, you’ll never go back to your old ways because you’ll feel yourself connecting like you never have before.

The Best Avatar To Imagine

P.S. If you’ve always spoken and written to a group, it probably hasn’t landed the way you’ve wanted it to. These are some of the things that I know that can make you way better than you are now. 

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I work with entrepreneurs who want to stand out, be remembered, and make a bigger impact (even if their palms are sweating and knees are knocking while doing it).

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