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The best marketing engages, is honest and authentic, and makes an impact. And nothing beats a price tag of free!

You have big, lofty dreams for your marketing!

You want your marketing initiatives to be more effective, cost you less, and be more shareable.

Your audience can smell corporate advertising a mile away. Authentic stories pass the smell test.

You want to put out better marketing, but...

That’s precisely why I work in collaboration with your sales and marketing departments.

To make sure the videos exceed the quality of storytelling and video requirements, so your new voluntary content creators bring you great client stories that are immediately usable.

"Word of mouth is perhaps the most effective and cost-effective way to grow any company" - Jae Baer, author of "Talk Triggers"

How I help your marketing and sales departments

Customer Stories Make Great Real-Life Examples

The “The Riveting Customer Referral” package is perfect for you if you’re a business owner or manager who wants to use storytelling in your marketing to pull your ideal prospects to your salespeople.

Here are some ways to use video storytelling in your business:

Your online marketing can't sound like another piece of corporate BS. It needs to feel like advice from a trusted friend.

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The standard training program includes how to be a riveting storyteller and how to capture video in a simple way using not much more than a cell phone, headphones, a tripod, and a lamp or two. Of course, it needs to be customized to the audience I’m delivering it to, the needs of your marketing department, and your budget. 

Book a free, confidential discovery call right now (only 15 minutes) to see how I can help you and your business put out better social media content and make better videos.

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