Build a Team Full of

High-Converting Referable Likable Profitable Confident

Sales Professionals

(even while their palms sweat and knees shake)

Stop worrying about them making quota every month and start updating your team's sales skills to match the new virtual landscape.

You have big, lofty dreams for your sales team!

You want them to convert more leads into paying clients, shorten the sales cycle, and get more referrals.

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As a sales manager, you recognize the business landscape has changed this year and your team needs to learn how to sell better virtually, but...

That’s precisely why I created the “Become a Riveting Virtual Sales Presenter” package.

Being a good salesperson was hard enough already. Now with prospects and leads sitting in their home environments, it feels darn near impossible. 

Presenting online isn't easy

The stress of this past year has no doubt weighed on you and your team, but if your team is still working, then your company has pivoted or adapted to the new normal. Your team’s sales skills need to adapt as well. 

And I get that the idea that facing rejection in person wasn’t what they wanted to do and doing it from behind a computer sounds even more daunting, but…

Zoom Presentation

Your sales team needs to present in a way that works with how prospects buy and are engaged online or they won't make quota

Hi, I'm Suzy, a Reformed Overdeliverer*.

I created “Become a Riveting Virtual Sales  Presenter because I see way too many caring salespeople sharing lots and lots and lots and lots of useful content (“The Overdeliverers”), but not getting the yeses they were expecting

What your sales team needs is a presentation trainer who’ll help them to understand how to present online, put together riveting stories, and develop more modern slides, so that when they deliver their sales presentations, it’s not just useful content, but an engaging and persuasive experience

*Not an official term. Totally made up!

Why update their sales skills for virtual presenting?

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The “Become a Riveting Virtual Sales Presenter” package is perfect for your sales team if they need to learn how to develop a persuasive presentation to deliver to prospects or leads.

Here’s what your team will gain from the “Become a Riveting Virtual Sales Presenter” package:

Guns don't kill people; bulleted PowerPoint presentations do (even more so virtually).

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