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The best speakers engage, make an impact, and entertain their audiences. The secret is fabulous storytelling!

You have big, lofty dreams for your business!

You want your sales numbers to recover and climb back up in 2021, your people to present better virtually, and to make a bigger impact.

As a business owner sitting through a lot of online presentations, you recognize the opportunity that storytelling could have on your business, but...

That’s precisely why I work in collaboration with business owners and managers.

To empower your salespeople, engineers, and managers to connect more genuinely with prospects and each other in this more online world we live in.

Drumming up business online isn't easy

I understand how hard it is for people to adapt to this more virtual world we live in where we don’t shake hands, meet face-to-face, or introduce new products at trade shows. 

And I get that the idea of presenting virtually doesn’t sound like something they really want to be doing, but…

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Your competition is adapting to this new online reality - you'd better capitalize on it quickly or you could become the next statistic of the pandemic.

Use an old-fashioned way of communicating to take the lead in 2021

Zoom Presentation

Your sales team’s charisma and bulleted presentations don’t translate well to customers in a work-from-home environment, which means your top sales people aren’t getting the yeses they used to get. 

Storytelling works because it’s more engaging, shows how your product or service works without being pushy, and it builds the “know, like, and trust factor” that people need before they’ll buy. 

Storytelling is hot right now for good reason!

Why incorporate more storytelling into presentations?

The Beauty of a Story that Makes your Point

Hi, I'm Suzy, a Riveting Storyteller.

All of my coaching and training has storytelling at the heart of it because I see way too many business people sharing lots and lots and lots and lots of useful content, but not getting the results they’re hoping for.  

Storytelling has so many wonderful benefits that it’s surprising people don’t use it more.

What your company needs is to use the power of storytelling, so that when your employees and salespeople present online, it’s engaging and impactful, not another reason to get caught up on their e-mail.

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One of my favourite client stories...

Julia Baum is a researcher here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, doing some truly amazing work. She’s not afraid of public speaking, as she’s a biology professor at UVic and does lots of talks to the scientific community. 

But this was different – she wanted to talk to regular people about climate change at “Nerd Nite“, a global monthly event featuring scientific talks in a nighttime bar-like atmosphere.

She wanted us to care. I helped her to to see that her usual stats and pictures of globes wouldn’t cut it. She stepped out of her informational overdelivering comfort zone and into the world of storytelling. Magic happened and her ideas will live on inside of us. 

*TFW = That feeling when, in case you don’t know.

Your customers tell themselves stories about their problems and your solutions. Help them tell themselves better stories.

Here are some ways to use storytelling in your presentations:

Guns don't kill people; bulleted PowerPoint presentations do.

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