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Virtual Summit Speaker

(even while your palms sweat and knees shake)

Use virtual speaking to market your business, so you can spend less time drumming up new business and more time doing the work you love.

You have big, lofty dreams for your career!

You want a waitlist of clients wanting to work with you, to charge premium fees, and be seen as an industry expert.

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As an entrepreneur with 6 e-mails in your Inbox right now inviting you to attend a virtual summit, you recognize the opportunity to speak to market your business, but...promote

That’s precisely why I created the “Become a Riveting Virtual Summit Speaker program.

To help you attract more ideal clients right to you and get in on the ground floor of speaking virtually at conferences and virtual summits.

Have you noticed how many conferences are now offering a virtual option and how many virtual summits are popping up every day?
And they all need 25+ speakers!

Drumming up business isn't easy

I understand how tiring and frustrating it is to try to drum up business month after month. When you’re a struggling business person, that sort of stress weighs on you and your family. 

And I get that the idea of standing on a stage, or worse yet, behind a computer doesn’t sound like something they really want to be doing, but…

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Get in on the ground floor of one of the biggest opportunities of 2020/2021

Zoom Presentation

Speaking can be the easiest and most efficient way to prospect for ideal clients. You can literally present to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of prospects in one fell swoop – and sales is always a numbers game! 

With thousands of people signing up for virtual conferences and summits, you can speak directly to your ideal clients, but how do you convert those prospects into into leads or better yet, paying clients?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking live or virtually, you need to be impactful, insightful, and entertaining – not just informative

Your ideal clients are attending virtual conferences and summits - and you're not one of the featured experts!

Guns don't kill people; bulleted PowerPoint presentations do.

Here's what that might look like...

You’re in a coffee shop when this man walks up to you. He introduces himself and says he saw you speak last year in that conference in the conference centre. He asks if he can join you at your table. He gets you both a latte and a couple of apple strudels. 

He says that he remembers the story you told about your mother and how he used that lesson to listen to his clients better. Since then, his bookable hours have doubled. He had actually been thinking about closing the doors on his life coaching business because it just wasn’t working. Now, he’s working so much that he finally caved and raised his rates.

He asks you to come speak to his local chamber of commerce and asks what topics you speak on now. You exchange phone numbers and social media info. You promise to send him some dates when you’ll be able to present, then he rushes off. You think, “I love how storytelling has opened so many doors for me. One talk leads to more stages to speak on!

You are amazing at what you do! You can and should have a waitlist of ideal clients waiting to work with you.

Hi, I'm Suzy, a Reformed Overdeliverer*.

I created “Become a Riveting Virtual Summit Speaker” program because I see way too many caring business people sharing lots and lots and lots and lots of useful content (“The Overdeliverers”), but not converting those prospects into paying clients

Then, they have to spend time marketing instead of doing what they do best, e.g. coaching, consulting, creating courses, developing innovative products, etc… 

What you need is a presentation coach who’ll help you clarify your message, put together riveting stories, and develop more modern slides, so that when you deliver your presentation, it’s not just useful content, but an engaging and memorable experience

*Not an official term. Totally made up!

Be a Virtual Summit Speaker

One of the Biggest Opportunities of 2021 - Intro.001

The “Become a Riveting Summit Speaker” program is perfect for you if you’re an entrepreneur or business person who wants to take advantage of speaking virtually at conferences or virtual summits to find ideal clients to work with.

Take Alexis Santacruz for example

Alexis came to me when he had the opportunity to present his new business idea at a high school. He wanted to sign the school up as a beta test where the students would mentor each other to greater success in life. 

He was already a well-seasoned Toastmaster, but felt unsure if his stories were compelling enough, his message was clear enough, and his delivery was engaging enough.

He met with the school principal, who had told him that she wanted him to deliver an information session to 75 teachers, but I convinced him that an “informative” talk wouldn’t get him where he wanted to go – he needed a persuasive talk.

He not only got the buy-in from the teachers, but was asked to come back to speak to the entire student body in a large auditorium.

What Alexis Had To Say

Use presentations to turn prospects into clients without selling from the stage (even as your hands sweat and knees shake).

Here’s what you’ll come away with from the “Become a Riveting Summit Speaker package:

Nothing will make you feel more confident than knowing you are helping people to transform with your words.

Sign up today!

Be a Riveting Virtual Summit Speaker

One-on-one presentation coaching
$ 1,295 USD
  • 8 one-hour online coaching sessions (once or twice a week)
  • E-mail support (next-day turnaround)
  • Video feedback (next-day turnaround)

One sale and you’ll have made your investment back.

Plus, forevermore, you’ll never start a presentation with blank-page syndrome, be overwhelmed by too much content to squeeze into too little time, and find the Q and A to be a minefield. Ain’t that just priceless?!

Still not convinced?

If you have any questions whether this is right for you, book a free, confidential discovery call right now (only 15 minutes) to see how I can help you and your business.

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