What to Do When your Bio isn’t Super Strong

Not everybody has superstar credentials, even if it feels that way.

Every one of my social media feeds, especially the ads (aren’t they just the worst?), are filled with people who have all written 17 books, been featured in “Entrepreneur” magazine, or had $100K launches.

Holy shit!!! I don’t know about you, but I find it super intimidating to put myself out there when comparing myself to these big successes.

But does that mean that I don’t have value or that I don’t want to help people?

Watch this video to see how you can write an introduction that doesn’t require such highfalutin credentials.

P.S. Ready to put yourself out there in a bigger way, even if you don’t have lots of credentials or a clear message? I can help you. I want to help you. Click on the button to find out how.

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[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]
[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]