You’re Making it Hard for People to Listen

I get that you’re afraid you’re going to forget what you’re going to say. I also get that you’re happy to have your notes up on the screen.

But the presentation isn’t about you or for you – it’s about them!

They are not helped by seeing your speaker’s notes

We, as humans, are not able to read and listen at the same time, which means they will pick one or the other to do, but they will be annoyed by having been put in such a spot

Instead of designing your slide deck, aka your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, to have your worded notes, just make this simple adjustment and it’ll be a much smoother ride for them.

You’re Making it Hard for People to Listen

P.S. If you’re ready to upgrade your presentation and slide deck design skills so your audience is getting the absolute best presentation they can get, reach out and let’s start today.

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