The only way you can

Make a Bigger Impact

is with a business idea and messaging worth raving about

Stop working so damn much and start building a legacy. impacting 1,000s of people lives. living in the house of your dreams. inspiring rooms full of people. being immensely proud of the work that you do. spending more time with your (grand)kids. designing a life you love.

Hi! I'm Suzy Dickstein.

I help people build a business they want to rave about (and so does everybody else).

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Your Life is Passing You By (tick tock)

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels, wasting years dreaming about a better life, but never doing something about it. 

That knot in your stomach and that feeling that you’re meant for more are never going to go away. There is something off in your life, in your business, and in your messaging – and you know it. 

You won’t find the answer at the bottom of a glass of wine or a box of your favourite cookies. And buying another marketing course might be easy and feel like the solution to your bank account, nagging spouse, and not-enough-clients problems, but it’s just a Band-Aid. 

Because the problem isn’t finding more customers, even if it feels like that would solve everything, nope, it’s that your job or self-employment business is a lot like that wine and cookies you keep devouring – works well in the short-term, but leaves you empty in your soul. 

So I’m going to ask you, do you really want to eat your feelings for 5 more years or would you rather have the business of your dreams in 5 years’ time?

My guess is the latter, which is why I built the “Rise to Rave-Worthy™” Blueprint so I can help people like you to build the business of your dreams from the ground up.

Take Your First Step to Making a Bigger Impact

Don’t waste X more years wasting your life wishing and hoping things will magically change, because they won’t. 

Instead, build a business that inspires a lot of people and allows you to make lots of money, spend your time with your family, and travel more (ahem, say to beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada where I live).

Discover what’s stopping you from making more money, living more passionately, and building an easier business.

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