Finally Get Your Solo Business Rolling (in the Dough)

(even if you’re secretly afraid of standing out and being judged)

I’ll show you how…

Stop Sounding the Same as Everybody Else (yawn!) and Start Helping More People! Making a Bigger Impact! Showing up on Social Media! Resonating with your Ideal Prospects!

Hi! I'm Suzy Dickstein.

I help online service providers build a business they want to rave about (and so do their clients).

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You're in the right place if you want:

It all Starts with Getting Clear on your Mission


Connect to your SUPERPOWERS

You have unique God-given talents, values, and life experiences. 

I help you to embrace your superpowers and combine them into a business model and mission you believe in down to your core.

After working with me, my clients often say, “my business fits me like a glove now.” That’s exactly how it should feel – like it was always meant to be.


Lead from your PURPOSE

There are 3 levels of why people choose to run a business, but most people operate from the lifestyle or client work “why”s. That’ll motivate you, but not inspire you. That’s why your work still feels like a job, not a calling. 

When you run your business from that 3rd level of “why” – lasting impact, that’s when your energy changes and you start working with the people who need you most.


Resonate with your MESSAGING

To get people to change (and buy your stuff), you need to show them that you relate to their problem inside and out (which can’t happen when your niche is too wide) and that you have a very thoughtful solution that takes them from A to B, A to F, or A to Z. 

No one can pull the trigger when you simply give people information. They need to feel like it’s right, not think it’s right.

Imagine Your Life Once You Have Clarity

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels. It’s time to get rid of the knot in your stomach. It’s time to stop feeling like something’s off in your messaging.

You don’t need another course where you’re 1 in a 1,000 people in a Facebook group or wasting another year building the wrong business.

Wouldn’t you rather have someone look at your unique gifts, your life experiences, and your business with a keen eye and tell you the truth about how you’re doing?

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Take Your First Step to Making a Bigger Impact

Don’t waste X more years wondering why your solo business (aka personal brand) isn’t making 6 figures.

You really can build a legacy business that inspires a lot of people and allows you to travel more (ahem, say to beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada where I live).

Discover what’s stopping you from making more money, living more passionately, and building an easier business.

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