It's time to make a bigger impact

(even if you’re afraid to stand out)

Stop playing small; start building a legacy. start living a life of meaning. start being a role model. start impacting 1,000s of lives. start making a bigger difference. start inspiring a lot of people. start living up to your potential.

Hi! I'm Suzy Dickstein.

I help coaches who know they're playing small to build something worthy of being shouted about from the rooftops (really podcasts, Reels, and stages, but you know what I mean).

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You're in the right place if any of these are true for you:

You're Meant for More

You’re already a believer in entrepreneurship – you want the freedom to work where, when, and how you want to

Like most people who start a business, you find out quickly that you’re not as free as you thought you’d be. Did you build a business or did you really just build yourself a job (or two or three)?

That’s because you tried to build a business the same way you looked for a job – based on the skills you have and what you thought people would pay you for.

Which I’m guessing means you’re doing some pretty boring stuff for any random person who wants to hire you, you can only help so many people one-on-one (so forget about making a big difference in the world), and you’re going to be doing the same boring shit for the next 20 years. No, thank you! 

I say we stop building businesses from the outside in and start building them from the inside out, which is why I tailor-make a business to you – to your dreams, your values, your strengths.

How else can a business fit like a glove (and you finally get rid of that knot in your stomach) unless it perfectly suits your personality, natural gifts, and the legacy you want to build?! 

Plus, you don’t want to work 50+-hour weeks for the rest of your life. There needs to be a plan to turn what you do into a fully-operational business that helps thousands of people. 

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