Build a Business Worth Raving About

(even if you’re not sure what makes you special)

Stop playing small and start inspiring 1,000s of people.

Hi! I'm Suzy Dickstein.

I help solopreneurs find their uniqueness and be so fired up that they need to shout about it from the rooftops (really podcasts, Reels, and stages, but you know what I mean)

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You're in the right place if ANY of these are TRUE for you:

If All You Want to Do is Make 6 Figures...

Then, you are in the wrong place. That’s not who I want to help. Maybe try Amy Porterfield or Marie Forleo (they are both awesome). 

I help people I call “mensches” (it’s the Jewish word for a person of integrity, someone who does good deeds, often for no credit at all) who can’t stand seeing all the suffering in the world and they want to make a difference. 

Is that you? Are you someone who cares more about helping people than making money?

If so, then I am betting that you’re BORED. Seriously, bored. 

How did your life get to be this boring??? (just kidding)

I mean…. I am sure your life is great, but is it really great? 

Are you just busy or are you actually inspired to make a real difference on this planet? 


I’m gonna be straight with you – if you want to help 1,000s of people, then who you are, your current skills, and your plans are way too small.

We’re talking about needing to 10X your life, not 2X it (scary shit, I know!)

Fitting in helped you in your job or solo business, but fitting in now won’t get you to that next level.

Standing out is your only way out of obscurity and mediocrity! 

Which means you need clarity – you need to know what you stand for and who you help best. 

It means you need to grow into someone more powerful who does things at scale

And the hardest part is probably getting people to change, but these persuasive skills are learnable. 

Because when your messaging and storytelling skills are at a professional level, people will start talking about you and recommending you, aka raving about you

You will have no competition. People will ask you to speak. 

That’s how you’re going to help 1,000s of people! 

That’s how you make a meaningful difference.

Are you ready to “Rise to Rave-Worthy™”?

Like Shireen was below…

Discover How Today’s Solopreneurs Stand Out From Their Competitors and Stop Being Their Industry's Best Kept Secret

I believe there is no better way for you to make a meaningful difference than to build a personal brand and become a (personal) brand champion

And what do I mean by a “personal brand”? I mean a business that is a doppelganger of you and what you believe – your values, the change you want to see in the world, the way you work best, etc…

I made a video to share with you the 3 core ingredients every solopreneur needs to become a brand name in their industry.

And, it all starts with why (if you think your why is to buy a bigger house or move somewhere warm, I will show you that that’s not the why he’s talking about). 

And as it so happens, Simon Sinek is the perfect example of a mensch making a big difference in the world. 

So, sign up below for this 10-minute video that will help you find your mission or as I like to call it, your “big why” (or at least get you started on the right path). 

P.S. And if you can’t figure it out on your own, I can help you with that, but for now, check out the free training below.

Sign up now and get free instant access to the video.

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