Help A Lot More People Than You Are Right Now

Because you know that you're meant for more.

The secret to finding your mission is aligning your gifts with the person you can help them become.

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Do any of these sound like you?

That’s why I do what I do – to help you get the clarity you need to fulfill your big mission in life and build a personal brand around your giftsso you don’t have to work so hard to find clients and can instead spend your time helping them, being there for your family, and making a lot more money.

"Good" Isn't Good Enough Anymore

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The World is Waiting for your Gifts

Here’s what I know – you’re super smart, big-hearted, and know some life-changing stuff, buuuuut, prospects aren’t banging down your door to work with you

You should be making more money in your business and you’re feeling super guilty because your spouse has been super supportive for the last few years.

This whole situation makes no sense because your solution works and yet you see so many people struggling. Why does it feel like you’re having to convince people to sign up with you one-by-one???

Your gut tells you, “there’s something wrong with this”, but you can’t put a finger on what it is, so how can you fix it?

Where You’re Getting into Trouble

As a Jewish Montrealer, I don’t add shmaltz (fluff) to what I say, so while you may not want to hear it, I want to save you years of struggle and a lot of gelt (money). 

  1. If you’re not clear what exactly you solve for people and who your ideal clients are, how can they be?
  2. Nobody wants life/success/mindset coaching or a 21-day/5 easy-step/6-month course, so you might want to shift from selling them more work to do to selling them a new identity
  3. The more you keep trying to do things the way gurus do, the more you’re building a business that is out of alignment with your soul (and your gut keeps trying to tell you so)
  4. You’re doing everything in your business and you’re not doing them all well, like being the visionary CEO, the copywriter, the on-camera talent, the accountant, social media manager, etc.
  5. Nobody wants to pay you indefinitely for non-specific results, so you need to switch your pricing to package-based offers  
Suzy Dickstein Profile Photo

You Really Want a Magic Wand

You wish this business felt right and you could be as excited as when you first started it.

You wish someone would just come in and tell you what to do next, so you don’t spin your wheels for another year.

And you wish someone would just give you a step-by-step plan that actually works to market yourself so you can get clients without having to be a shyster (sleazy salesperson) and posting 6 times a day on social media (nobody wants to do that). 

Your Prayers Just Came True!

You’re getting a VIP day with this super nice, but straight-talking Jewish Montrealer with fabulous ringlets (sorry, had to add that in) who’s spending hours focusing on just you and your business.

She’s showing you all of your blind spots and holding up a mirror so you can see all your greatness. 

She’s helping you build your perfect business – your LEGACY business, one that you won’t need to pivot from again in a year from now. 

That knot in your stomach is finally gone!

You’re clear on your mission and can clearly see the exact people you were meant to help. You know them. You get them. Nobody is better suited to help them than you!

You're Being Called for More!

When you finally figure out your mission, you’ll feel found, relieved, inspired, embarrassed, and scared – all at the same time.

You’ll finally understand why people weren’t resonating with your messaging. It’ll be  sooooooo clear. There’ll be no unseeing it. 

And no hiding the fact that you have a mission and lot of people who need to hear about it.

Funny enough, this isn’t news to you – you’ve heard the quiet voice of God calling you for MORE all along. You were just trying to suppress it.

I get that the thought of “more” terrifies you, especially that part where you know you’re going to have to redo your website, start talking more vulnerably on social media, and start speaking on stages, but Honey, you have a bigger destiny than just helping a few more people this year. 

This is your chance – let me help you go from being a “same-as-everybody-else” solopreneur to becoming a personal brand champion.

That’s why I do this – because I love innovative ideas that can change the world and the speakers who change our lives in a matter of an hour (oh yes, that’s my BIG WHY).

How to Become Rave-Worthy...



You have unique God-given talents, values, and life experiences. 

I help you to embrace your superpowers and combine them into a business model and mission you believe in down to your core.

After working with me, my clients often say, “my business fits me like a glove now.” That’s exactly how it should feel – like it was always meant to be.


Gut-Based Messaging

You’ve been through what your people are going through.

I help you get inside their heads so you can show them that you get their problems inside and out in messaging that really resonates on a gut level.

After working through your before and after avatars, you’ll never go back to vague messaging again. 


Transformational Offers

Your people want to change, to be changed.

I help you narrow down your niche and put together offers based on transformations, so they can see that you have a very thoughtful solution that takes them from A to B, A to F, or A to Z. 

No one can pull the trigger when you just give them some vague benefits and timeline. They need to feel like it’s possible for them to achieve and worth the effort.

Why I Want You To Become "Rave-Worthy"

That’s why I created “Rise to Rave-Worthy™”, so you can stop sending mixed messages and truly stand for something you believe in.

What Does Rave-Worthy Mean?

The Transformation

Before the "Rise to Rave-Worthy ™" VIP day, you'll probably...

After the "Rise to Rave-Worthy ™" VIP day, you'll probably...

You Can Have a "The Rave-Worthy Business™”

The Rave-Worthy Business Program

The Rise to Rave-Worthy™ VIP day

If you want to get clear on where you’re off in your business and who you really want to help and how, this VIP-day option is for you.

After the intensive 6-hour (plus a 1-hour break) single 1-on-1 consulting sessionyou’ll:

You'll fix what's off in your business and fall in love with your business all over again.

You Could Save Yourself a Lot of Time and Money

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You Could Save Yourself a Lot of Time and Money

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Hi, I'm Suzy Dickstein!

I love to helping people figure out how truly amazing they are and improve their results by 1,000%. 

I feel like everybody has these God-given gifts, but few people realize what they are or build a business that takes advantage of them. 

The first time I could put my finger on mine was when I did the “Clifton Strengths Finder” test. I felt FOUND! By the way, mine are Strategic, Futuristic, Activator, Maximizer, and Woo.

When I use my gifts, I see the “gold” all around – in people, in stories, and in business ideas.

Your gifts and your mission make you the best person to help your exact people. That’s when you stop competing and start shining – literally. Your conviction and inspiration will make you glow. 

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You Could Save Yourself a Lot of Time Spinnning your Wheels

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Sign up today for...

"Rise to Rave-Worthy™” VIP Day

A VIP day to get you clear on the personal brand you're building
$ 1,477 USD (or 3 payments of $497)
  • One VIP day (6 hours plus a 1-hour break) focused on you and the business you want to build (and Top 5 CliftonStrengths report)
  • Save hiring a designer to redo your website again (~$5K value)
  • Save months working with a life coach to figure out your purpose (~$7K value)
  • Save months working with a business strategist to figure out your messaging (~$10K value)
  • Have the confidence to put yourself out there in a bigger way (priceless!)

Once you’ve completed the application, I will check it over and reply to you within 2 business days. If there’s a fit, I will send you to options a pay in full or 3-payment option (you choose what works for you). Once you pay, at checkout, you’ll get an e-mail with a credit to book in your VIP day.

*Guarantee – If you don’t think I’ve nailed your niche or that I was the answer to your prayers, you will receive a complimentary second session where I will dig in deeper and try again. If again I don’t succeed, I will give you your money back.

P.S. Still not convinced?

If you have any questions whether this is right for you, book a free, confidential discovery call right now (only 15 minutes) to see how I can help you grow your business and impact.

Or sign up today for the whole shebang, which includes...

Stage 2

Build a Rave-Worthy Website

In this 6-session 1-on-1 consulting program, we’ll start implementing the ideas you got from the VIP-day audit and revamp your website so it’ll attract your ideal clients and you’ll get paid what you’re worth.

Stage 3

Build a Rave-Worthy Signature Talk

In this 6-session 1-on-1 consulting program, we‘ll package up what you can do for people into a signature talk so you can market your big ideas through free speaking gigs, such as speaking at conferences, virtual summits, and in webinars. 

"Rise to Rave-Worthy" Brand Champion System

Build a personal brand, website, and signature talk
$ 3,777 USD (or 4 payments of $997)
  • One VIP day (4-6 hours) focused on you and the business you want to build
  • Six 2-hour intensive consulting sessions focused on building your website
  • Six 2-hour intensive consulting sessions focused on building your signature talk
  • E-mail or DM support for four months
  • Recordings of the Zoom sessions
Save $654!

Once you’ve completed the checkout, you’ll get an e-mail with 1 credit to book in your “Rise to Rave-Worthy™” VIP day, 6 website sessions, and 6 speaking sessions.

P.S. Still not convinced?

If you have any questions whether this is right for you, book a free, confidential discovery call right now (only 15 minutes) to see how I can help you grow your business and impact.

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