How to Capture “Before” Client Language

The most important thing you can do to connect with your audience both in terms of your marketing copy and in your speech/presentation is to use words that resonate. The problem is that most people who have solved the problem and are in the “after” part now use different language from when they started, and […]

How to Conclude with a Nice Touch

Ending a presentation can feel awkward and like we just want to get out of there, but it’s super important to end on a high note. More specifically, you want to end by giving people hope, so they’ll go out and try your suggested solution. Otherwise, why did you bother speaking in the first place?  […]

It’s Okay to Talk in Circles

You might be worried about rambling (I heard two people in the last week state that they want to be “concise” speakers,) but this is about making your storytelling stand out.  One of my favourite ways to tell a story is to break it up. Crazy, I know!  Remember, it’s your story, and you get […]

Do You Want to Motivate or Inspire your Audience?

As speakers, our goal is to get people to change, but how exactly do we get people to change willingly? There are basically two good options – motivate and inspire your audience. Which do you tend to use in your speeches or presentations? And how much better would it be if you used both tactics? […]

What to Do When your Bio isn’t Super Strong

Not everybody has superstar credentials, even if it feels that way. Every one of my social media feeds, especially the ads (aren’t they just the worst?), are filled with people who have all written 17 books, been featured in “Entrepreneur” magazine, or had $100K launches. Holy shit!!! I don’t know about you, but I find […]

How to Use Special Days for Content Ideas

It can feel overwhelming trying to come up with new content week after week.  lol, I remember paying $200 to have a service send me a (very annoying) prompt every day. Funny enough, I don’t think I’ve ever used a single one of them.  This’ll be cheaper for you and provide you with some timely […]