The Key Insight to Become a Riveting Speaker

Most presenters provide lots of useful content. So much content that they can’t be engaging because they feel rushed to get through all the material they need to cover in a short amount of time. That’s why I call them, “The Overdeliverers“.  Although it comes from a caring place, useful content just isn’t enough. I […]

How to Have a Story Right When You Need it

The number #1 thing you need to understand to be remarkable (and I mean that literally – for people to remark on you) is that people need to remember you.  People cannot remember what you tell them unless it’s anchored in their minds. Otherwise, it just vanishes. Poof!  What I mean by “anchored” is that […]

Let Your Characters Speak and Watch Your Stories Come to Life

As moviegoers, TV watchers, and book readers, we know that scenes have dialogue, but for some reason, when we tell stories, all the characters seem to be muted.  Your stories need narration (the part where you set the scene), but the story only comes to life when the characters get to be themselves and say […]

What’s Your Message?

Before you sit down to presentation software, you need to know what your big idea is and how you’ll take people there. You should be able to sum up your talk in one sentence, the answer to “What’s your message?” Otherwise, you have skipped a step – the most important step. Because if you don’t […]

How to Turn around the Nervousness

Who isn’t nervous when they present to a bunch of strangers. And oh the stuff our bodies do, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do about it.    In fact, from what I can tell, all super nervous speakers have something in common – they are all focused on themselves. And that you […]

How to Keep People Engaged Online

Presenting online is not the same as presenting live. How do you keep people engaged?   It comes down to one thing (and I warn you, there might be a bit of dancing in this video)… P.S. If you want to get started doing virtual presentations, so you can spend less time trying to […]

How to Handle a Blank Mind

I’ll bet you worry about blanking out when it comes to standing in front of an audience. Everybody does.  It’s not the end of the world. I’ve seen people like Simon Sinek get cheered on by his audience for how he handled it. Here are some ideas to try out when (notice I didn’t say […]

How to Handle Polls and Chats Online

When you present online, there’s a lot going on, and it can be hard to pay attention to it all and still come off as a professional. How do you handle what you’re saying, polls, and chats all at the same time? You… P.S. If the idea of doing a virtual presentation overwhelms you, […]

How to Segue into a Story like a Professional

Most people announce they are diving into a story or simply dive right in. When you use the “Tap and Transport” method, you tap into what they want, then transport them into your story.  You want them hooked so they want to hear your story. Getting that small “yes” is important to being an engaging speaker.  […]

How to Handle the Laughter Live Versus Online

Most presenters want to be funnier on stage. I know I do. And, for sure, it’s not easy to come up with funny material. But delivery is a skill that can be learned. Ironically, what you need to deliver humour well on stage, is exactly the opposite of what you need to deliver it well […]

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