Why You Want to Improve your Presentation Skills

Presenting gives you an amazing opportunity to strut your stuff like no other medium. You get to show how much you care about your subject matter and your clients, that you have a process that cuts down on time, and that you’re fun to work with.  We live in an era of too many choices […]

How to Have a Stronger Voice When Presenting

A while back, I was futzing on my phone while waiting in line to pay for something at my local pharmacy. I heard this squeaky voice in front of me. I looked up, expecting to see a child, but it was a grown woman who was speaking with the cashier. Nuts! Imagine she were presenting […]

When to Use PowerPoint Software When You Present

We’ve all been guilty of using a slide deck, i.e. PowerPoint or Keynote, as presenter notes, BUUUUT, that’s not helpful to the audience. It’s boring and you know it!  I completely get if you want to do that. Just set up a laptop that you have propped up in front of you as a sort […]

Your Presentation is a Story and You’re Not the Hero

You tell a great story in which you are the hero of the story. Of course you are. You went through what the audience has gone through and come out the other end. Your solution shows them that they can do it too. But are you the hero in this story? Are you the guru? […]

How To Be Less Nervous When Presenting

Have you noticed all of the virtual summits popping up lately? Perhaps, you think to yourself, “I should do one” or maybe you’ve always wanted to speak at a live conference.  Or maybe, you’re just tired of struggling with your business and you want to market less while making more gelt ($). Speaking on (virtual) […]

What to Do about those Annoying Ums and Ahs

In my two decades in and out of Toastmasters, you’d think that ums and ahs are the biggest sins on the planet. They even have a person whose job it is to spot them. I disagree! If you’re standing up there worried about what you’re saying, you’re not focused on the right thing – your […]

How You Show Up Onscreen Matters

So many people are showing up as postage stamp speakers or voice-over artists, as if their slides are the star of the show. You can’t be a voice-over or postage stamp speaker and make an impact!  If they can’t see your eyes, you are not connecting, and isn’t connection your major objective?  Nobody can be […]

How to Make a Great First Impression

So many speakers dig themselves a hole before they even start their presentation. It’s really important to start off with a bang! Here are 3 ways to do just that… https://vimeo.com/454923914 P.S. Do you need help getting leads from your speaking opportunities? I’m here to help you.  More Info on Building a Rave-Worthy Signature Talk

The Most Important Thing Your Story Needs

We often just think of a story as a series of events, but if you want your story to be riveting, you’re going to need to do more than just list off some facts.  Here’s how to make your audience sit on the edge of their seats. https://vimeo.com/464809702 P.S. Do you need help getting leads […]

Give Thanks Today, but Don’t Start with Thank You

Most presenters waste the most important line of their whole presentation – the opening – on pleasant pleasantries. As it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada today, I thought it appropriate to say that “thank you” is warranted at the dining room table, but not at the beginning of your presentation.  Come out with a bang, let […]

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[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]
[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]