How You Show Up Onscreen Matters

So many people are showing up as postage stamp speakers or voice-over artists, as if their slides are the star of the show. You can’t be a voice-over or postage stamp speaker and make an impact

If they can’t see your eyes, you are not connecting, and isn’t connection your major objective? 

Nobody can be impressed or swayed when you’re hiding behind your slides, because you are literally not there. 

You may think it’s acceptable. It may even be common practice (so help me G-d, it’s my mission to change that), but if you’re reading my blog, you don’t want to be typical or worse, forgettable.

Let me be perfectly clear with my opinion – YOU are the presentation. You! If you want slides, they are the sidecar, and you are the shiny motorcycle. Nobody buys just the sidecar.

Here’s my shortest video yet, but I hope you get the biggest a-ha moment from it.

P.S. If you need more help than just these lovely little tidbits, we can start working on your next presentation immediately, because what you have to say deserves a lovely, big audience. 

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