When to Use PowerPoint Software When You Present

We’ve all been guilty of using a slide deck, i.e. PowerPoint or Keynote, as presenter notes, BUUUUT, that’s not helpful to the audience. It’s boring and you know it! 

I completely get if you want to do that. Just set up a laptop that you have propped up in front of you as a sort of teleprompter (it’s called a “confidence monitor” in the biz). It’s when you put it up on a 6-foot screen, then make it the star of the show when I shake my head and say quite loudly, “oy gevalt!”

Slide decks are great. Some of them have catapulted real change in the world, like Al Gore’s presentation designed by Nancy Duarte on climate change. Of course, yours doesn’t need to win an award, but OMG, don’t use one if you’re just going to kill your audience with it (I believe that presentations don’t kill people; bullets do).

Watch the video below to see the best three reasons to use a slide deck….

P.S. If you want one-on-one help with your presentation, especially nailing down your message, delivering better stories, and developing a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation that wows, I can help.

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[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]