An Easy Way to Design a Beautiful PDF

I never give out my slides to audiences. Have you ever opened up someone’s slides on your computer 6 months later? 

I never have, so totally useless to share your intellectual property this way.

Also, and more importantly, what is the point in a slide deck without the speaker??? Nothing! You are the presentation.

Getting off my high horse, here’s what I do instead – I make a PDF handout that they can keep and scan through. Simple, right?

You can also use this tip to make the all-important freebie for your website.

What’s key here is that it’s about being useful and looking professional without needing to go to graphic design school. I love cheats like this!

P.S. Sometimes, being a great speaker is about thinking about what will be useful for your audience, i.e. how will they remember what you’ve told them, use it later, etc… This is important to the people that bring you in for speaking gigs. I can help.

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