Let Your Characters Speak and Watch Your Stories Come to Life

As moviegoers, TV watchers, and book readers, we know that scenes have dialogue, but for some reason, when we tell stories, all the characters seem to be muted. 

Your stories need narration (the part where you set the scene), but the story only comes to life when the characters get to be themselves and say their lines (or at least the most important ones). 

For sure, it takes courage to say dialogue in front of a crowd, but if you want to be a riveting storyteller, that’s a risk that you must be willing to take. 

P.S. If you’re ready to bring your stories to life, click on the button below. You deserve to work with clients who value what you do. 

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[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]
[scheduling site="https://suzydickstein.as.me/consult"]