How to Improve your E-Mail Pitches

You make an impression even before someone clicks on your video to see your pitch or speaker demo.

If you want to stand out, signing your e-mail with “Sent from iPhone” or some plain text with a corporate logo won’t impress anyone.

Plus, not everyone you e-mail will remember meeting you, so including your photo is just a good idea.

Check out this video to see the “before and after” from a speaker friend of mine.

Do you think she’s making a better impression now than before? I’d say paying $50 a year for Wisestamp Pro is a “wise” investment (pun intended).

How to Improve your E-Mail Pitches

P.S. Being a rave-worthy speaker starts with having a business that has the foundations right. If your business doesn’t stand out, but you want it to, I can help. 

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I work with entrepreneurs who want to stand out, be remembered, and make a bigger impact (even if their palms are sweating and knees are knocking while doing it).

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